The Story of the Hashtag


    This main idea is around a piece of technology that transcended people into other worlds just by a click of a button. The hashtag has formed into something people take for granted nowadays. The power rests in its ability to track and gather information about real-time data and stories happening in real-time. Some of the greatest stories of 2016 were captured on a hashtag enabling the user to follow this journey as if they were standing in the middle of the story itself. On an international scale, the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On a national scale, the 2016 United States Election. On a local scale, we discover the hashtag’s prominence in the annual 2017 Texas Mass Comm Week event.
    Twitter to most people is a news and micro-blogging social network. It’s also a business that created something that few people think about: the hashtag “#”. Twitter started using the “Hashtag”(#) to use nouns or adjectives to help gather information for users or companies to compile into useful information. The hashtag started helping brands understand peoples’ likes/dislikes, demographic information and statistical information that were vital for the businesses and brands to grow. This form of information via social media was the first time in which companies could grasp the power of social media.
We’ll explore the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio • 2016 United States Election • 2017 Texas State Mass Comm Week