Professional Me

Hello, I'm Aaron Johnson.


    Even though I’ve only been in the advertising world about two years, I’ve learned a vast amount of knowledge and understanding about advertising, computer science and web design. I’ve learned to help people interact positively with technology, create relationships with colleagues and professors and assist people while altering their lives through technology. My love for user interface/interaction grew from a desire to help people experience something clearer in whatever type of art. 
    My background in computer science has helped me form a “jack-of-all-trades” mindset so that I not only understand creative art and design but also code and back-end infrastructure for any project I may come by. Of all the skills I’ve learned throughout my life, the skills that have defined my life are time management, teamwork and communication which not only define people in the workforce but communicate to a larger audience.
    Whether you’re a beginner or pro, the main objective in advertising is to find a solution to given objectives. As a strategist and creative, my job is to create something that is memorable, meaningful and has a lasting effect on the world in which it is trying to communicate to. Why wait? When can we create?